Tuesday, 6 March 2007

DAY 6: Truro to Indian Queens

DAY 6: Truro to Indian Queens
Day's Mileage: 14.4 miles
Total Mileage: 80.7 miles (4.9%)


(Click on map to enlarge)

Ooh! A new statistic! Less than 5 % of the walk done with 99 walking days planned still to do.

I am still not sure whether I loved or hated last night's B&B. The lady who runs it is amazing, bossy, charming, talkative, and a complete fright. The decor is decidedly African with a touch of Cornwall and woodchip. The shower worked and so did the shaverlight - the two most important criteria for my old mate Lord Elpus (currently tasking a sabbatical in the English Lake District)

There was a screeching gale last night with driving rain and the windows rattled all night and the boy-racers zoomed past my window until I dropped off to sleep watching Paxman in Belfast.

But today - Today was a honey of a day! Cornwall put on its little black dress for me, slapped on the make up and was once more beautiful. Truro was charming (not so last night in the pouring rain and in a crap pub). I found a pretty little walk to leave the town under the railway viaduct alongside a gurgling splash to take me to Ideless and then by lanes to Indian Queens.

There was very little rubbish today - obviously a classier sort this side of Truro. Just found a discarded microwave, fridge-freezer and washing machine, strangely about a mile apart from each other.

I bowled along at my 5km per hour. Cornwall is very hilly, but the legs ate it all up. I forgot to buy any lunch in Truro and so made do with some Nobby's Nuts, salt & vinegar crisps, and cheese & onion crisps, washed down with two wonderfully well kept pints in the London Inn at Summercourt, run by the excellent Dave (from Royston, you know) and his wife Deb. Dave bought me a pint and so after kicking me out, I sat like an old codger on a bench outside, watching the world go by with my tootsies out for an airing. Then it was a gentle stroll to Fraddon & Indian Queens.

Fraddon is 'interesting'. So I took a few pictures and if I can send them to John Hee, he will post them on today's blog later on on the trip.

Weather today? Lovely. I got to my excellent B&B and it then did the honour of chucking it down. Perfect timing.

I like this walking business. I am a gentleman of the road. The highway is my home.


  1. standing by Alan - photo ready mode

  2. John hee..(who ever you are!)..
    get a grip of my brother and get him to get some 'snaps' on the air.
    (we all like a good photo)

    Like my cousin I am dying to see Alans companion ...the 'rock' on the blog.

    PS Liverpool all over Barcellona
    Its like watching leeds play

  3. Hello,

    Wiff here, see I do read the blog.
    High winds in Hem Abbs have caused one of our trees to half its size, other half in neighbours drive luckily missed thier convertible. Did the girlie thing of apolgising, husband away that sort of thing.

    The general distruction of Common lane continues unabated and another very large hole has appeared.

    Still I don't care as am off to the Italian slopes later.



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