Monday, 5 March 2007

DAY FIVE: Gweek to Truro

DAY 5: Gweek to Truro
Day's mileage: 15.9 miles
Total so far: 66.3 miles


(Click on the map to enlarge)

I have made it to Cornwall's county town. I am not sure what that means for Cornwall or for Truro; but you are now appraised of the facts. It does have a good looking cathedral, which I shall have a look at in the morning.

Right now I am watching the six o'clock news with the rain lashing against the window and I feel smug. The socks are washed and the coffee cooling beside me so all is well with the world.

I could tell you about the fascinating day I have had but that would be fibbing. It was scampering along litter strewn Cornish lanes. I was too early for the pub at Stithians, which looked nice, so I stumbled on to the next village where the pub was frankly poor. I sat near two blokes banging on about their 'roles and responsibilities' within a well known charity organisation. They were both climbing the greasy pole, seemingly trying to get the better of each other. It was ghastly.

I moved on after just the one poorly pulled pint to finish the day quite early.

The news is full of the two people washed into the sea at Mullion Cove and also the poor girl who died on Dartmoor. The weather has been pretty dreadful, and I have only three coats to deal with it. I am sitting here glued to the telly, waiting to hear of my fate tomorrow from the weather forecast.


  1. Oh dear Uncle Alan I have just seen the weather forecast it's not looking good is it!I feel for you,you must be really wet at the end of the day!!I'm sending you a big, warm hug hope you get it.
    Lots of love, Rachael xxxxx

  2. Hello Lovely Uncle Alan,
    I'm back in cyberspace after breaking my leg in a rather nasty fight with a skidoo!
    Anyway, as I didn't get to speak to you before you left, good luck with the walk. I'm very sad that you aren't coming through W-S-M to visit and I'm away when you reach Bath. Nevermind, I'll catch up with you when you return.
    So, good walking to you and I'd very much like to see a picture of Ricky the Rock. Have you created a face on him yet (Like Tom Hanks & Winston in Castaway)
    Lots of Love
    Your Favourite Niece xx


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