Wednesday, 7 March 2007

DAY 7, Morning report

DAY 7: Morning Report
Inidian Queens to Boscarne Junction

I can recommend the Chinese restaurant in Indian Queens. (One diner had followed the chef from restaurant to restaurant for five years, he thought he was so good)

The view from the top of Castle-an Dinas is worth the climb. I am not sure if it is worth the slither down the god-awful sludge of a footpath down the other side hemmed in between new very sharp barbed wire and incredibly grippy new brambles. I don't know what it is about Cornish landowners, but this morning i noticed an amazing amount of barbed wire and the complete absence of footpath signs at roadsides. The final scramble to the lane is through a heath through yet more gorse and brambles, again unsigned. This seems to be a 'no-go' county for walkers.

Whinge over!

The morning's weather has been glorious - cool breezes and warm sunshine. The pub here at Boscarne Junction seems to be part of a chain, but the beer is good (Betty Scoggs and Rock something or other) and the service is keen too. It's just not my idea of a pub.

I did 20km to get here and have 13 to go this afternoon along (mostly) the Camel Trail, so it should be nice and easy.


  1. Alan - This is fast turning into a gourmet tour of the UK. That profile of yours states.. "Fifty something beardy bloke with a problem belly wltm the entire length of Britain in four months"

    This is the chance to get the problem bit sorted, or are you storing the fat for the Scottish bit

  2. Getting close to devon.passport control have been notified and the Old Bill are on alert. Expect a rough reception if all the relevant paperwork is not up to scratch
    Tiny Brother


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