Tuesday, 10 April 2007

DAY 41: Lunchtime Report

DAY 41: Bleak Hey Nook to Hebden Bridge
Lunch time Report: The White House

Started the walk in cloud again along Standedge; a bit of a depressing start to the day, but as soon as I started heading away from the edge, the clouds started to lift to give glimpses of wide open moorland with curlew calling overhead.

I bowled along and on reaching the M62 wanted to stand and watch the mayhem below, but only managed a few moments as the wind was so strong and this time had some rain thrown in for good measure.

It soon eased and I was on top of Blackstone Edge sipping coffe with Tony Hardman - a Challenge hero of mine who in '97 had pulled me out of a river on the way up to Bealach Dubh in the foulest of weather.

So we are now comfortably situated in the White House Inn, tucking in to a few pints of Timothy Taylor to be bedded down with a steak sandwich.

It doesn't get much better than this - with a sensible afternoon in store to wander over to Hebden Bridge.

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