Thursday, 15 January 2009


Being a bit of a Complete and Utter Lazy Bastard, I have woefully let my fellow stravaiger down yet again. Have I lost count of how many Challenges Phil has had to organise? Maybe not - but it's a few too many.

Anyway, we lined the route in together a few months back but Phil has done all the hard work and has finished our route across from Torridon to Dunottar Castle with a few extra more inspired selections thrown in. But there is more! He has also done an alternative route for the second half of the walk from Inverness. Such dedication to the cause is quite wonderful.

Tonight we picked the preferred option and so tomorrow Phil should have our route winging its merry way to Challenge HQ (Uncle Roger, that is and his magnificent bevy  of Venerable Vetters)

In all the Challenges we have done (either separately - yes we have done Challenges without each other - or together) we have never failed to complete any of our walks. There have been quite a few epic struggles to achieve this fine record, but surely that is what the word 'Challenge' means?

This year's walk looks to be one of the best yet - with quite a few deliberately lonely bits (and, quite cleverly some of it will be on trade routes but at times when no-one else will be there) as we both need time to reflect on the year, for different but very personal reasons. Towards the end we rejoin the happy band of Challengers to once more 'party' in the accustomed style.

So - it's time to think about getting a few walks in again - otherwise the boy will be at the east coast days before me.


  1. Another reminder to get on and complete the route. Where does one get a Phil — he sounds quite useful!

  2. Andy has evidently not had the 'pleasure' of walking one of my routes! But at least this one has the delights of the Speyside malts to ease the pain after the nasty boggy bits...and rocky bits...and...mmmmmmmmm.

  3. AH, to be honest I couldn't cope with the booze!

  4. Andy - that is just so Lame! It's all a question of Practice (and the capitals are important here)

    Suggest you pop over for a weekend walk in Sunny Suffolk for a session - sorry - walk.


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