Sunday, 18 January 2009


A cracker of a day in London yesterday - a smashing spot of lunch in a great Thai restaurant in Greek Street, then a wander over to Convent Garden to go clothes shopping. Looking for some down ski gloves, we popped in to Ellis Brigham. Now skiing isn't my 'thing' so I strolled over to the camping section and found a new baby!

Yes - I am a gear monster - I admit it. Yet another rucksack - another little love affair with a new little honey. She comes in beneath a kilo and is 46 litres with a full frame and air mesh back system.Osrepy Exos 46 So let me introduce you all to my New Osprey Exos 46. Isn't she pretty?

More clothes shops were visited and then it was back to Soho for a slap up feed once more in another restaurant in Greek Street. All quite splendid. Then off to the real event of the day, Hurly Burly at what used to be the old Raymond Revue Bar. Even more splendid! Then partying after until the wee small hours.

We get back home at 3:30am. Knackered and happy.

This morning Lord Elpus has sent off our TGO Challenge route for vetting - a corker of a route.

All in all: A bloody marvelous weekend.


  1. There's someone in the room here with me who is just a tiny bit green with envy that you already have an Exos.

    "That is going to be my new pack" he exclaims.

    I assume that he means that he intends to acquire the same model, rather than that he's going to mug you for yours!

  2. It's sesnatonally well-made Mick - you realy should pop out now and buy one!

  3. and me STILL waiting for my review version. If its half as good as the specs suggest this will be a runaway success

  4. Nice one Alan - BUT - where are you going to carry all your 'leapfrog' for the challenge?

  5. only problem i can no side pockets :-)

  6. Review please Alan, and be as harsh as you can to stop me from pegging it to the shops and begging for one - the bag that is.

  7. Congrats on your LEJOG - I read your posts some time ago but have only just figured out how to comment! I'm doing a JOGLE this year alone with my dog "Patch"! (See I share your love of new gear - I've been having great fun replacing my gear with lighter stuff, although my hubby isn't quite as pleased...

    Have a good one!


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