Monday, 30 March 2009


I thought you might like to see a few pictures from Sunday's walk in The Carneddau. A magical day.

Many thanks to Robin for organising a lovely trip - a shiny star!IMG_1522






There: Quite a few with Robin in them and quite a few of beautiful, beautiful mountains.


  1. Hi Al,I had a day up there back in Feb 2004.The conditions we experienced seemed very similar to your own-Snow on the Mountains with blue skies-Those sort of days live in the memory for ever.I would be very interested to read about your route and details of the places where you camped.Hopefully,either you or Robin will post a full report.

  2. Looks like a you had a fantastic last day. Looking forward to a full report from Robin and/or yourself as I'm up there in a couple of weeks, following a similar route to the one Robin originally planned.

  3. Nice photos Alan. So you had beer, walking and views. Challenge training is on track then.

  4. That top photo really stopped me in my tracks, Alan. Looks like you pulled a cracker on Sunday. It has me reminiscing over a day spent around Loch Eilde Mor and pondering an escapade myself. Similar light, different landscape but still the same appeal.

  5. Damn! Went home on the wrong day, didn't we?

  6. Hi Alan
    I am glad Snowdonia gave you one good day. Cracking photos. Thankyou.
    Sorry you didn't receive the normal level of service from the locals - it is because of their proud and noble independance - bless their hairy little toes.
    Are you planning to use the Exos for the Challenge?

  7. Some very familiar ground there. I might well be up there at Easter. Or maybe the Moelwyns. See you soon Al!

  8. Well then fellas (Does this make Gayle an honourary bloke?) It was a really stonkingly good day and has me thinking it's well worth a re-visit as it 'only' tokk us less than 4 hours to get there from good ol' East Angular.

    The trouble is, see, Look you, it's the appalling lack of anything that smacks of customer service and welcome that grates with this part of Wales.

    Tell me if I am wrong? Are there great places to go? I know young Mr Howell goes there quite a bit - what say you, good Sir?


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