Thursday, 2 April 2009


For those of you interested in all things lightweight and technical (and here my brother with the hair can be excused, for he will be "running to the kitchen to slam his knob in the fridge door with excitement") you will all want to know, I am sure, that my new lightweight walking Greeks have arrived all the way from the good ol' US of A, from Gossamer Gear.

And, they are quite, quite lovely. The pair weighs in at 214 grams with their ankle bracelets on, so that really is featherweight.

My NeoAir 5' 6" super-dooper mattress is on order with my favourite outdoor gear shop in Cambridge ("Open Air" in Green Street) and so that should be with me in a week or two as well, so what with my new Exos 46 and these two new bits of kit, my this year's Challenge pack will be considerably lighter than last year's.

Probably just as well as Lord Elpus is unable to make the trip this year as he has one or two pressing things to get sorted that just cannot be put off. So it will be a lonely little stravaig across Scotland for me this year. My route is a very northerly one and so I am unlikely to meet a load of other Challengers until Ballater.

I am getting used to lonely and it looks as though that might become a miserable, permanent feature of my life after last night's performance with Lynnie. There is only so much a chap can do to try and fix something if he is getting no help at all from the other party and is then told that there never was any intention to try either.


  1. Lonely at Loch Coire Lair? I don't think so, Alan. And Lord E will dearly wish he'd been able to get there. Nice new kit! You will be smart! Must get my (hand?) on something similar...

  2. Have you noticed how Bluey's hand is gently cupped, you lucky, lucky boy.

  3. Poles hey. The only poles I know are called Lezek. We got blown of a mountain once in 90mph winds. Which leads on to my point. With all that light kit are you in danger of being blown along in a breeze now your all super light. At the present rate you'll be watching that tarp DVD you got of Darren :)

    Chin up in regrades to the last bit of the posting and hope it gets sorted as always.

  4. open air my favourite shop too.... amazed we have never bumped into each other.... I have my eye on the osprey kestrel 48 rucksac in green as geoff has been real pleased with his :-)


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