Friday, 3 April 2009


In five weeks time today I shall be spending my first night out in the wilds with Wanda up at Loch Coire Lair on the TGO Challenge. Lord Elpus & I had planned a little soirée for the evening:

Cheesewineinv (carefully produced by Lord Elpus)

With Phil's withdrawal from the Challenge in order to get back to the very pinkest of health, I now find myself the custodian and host of the Cheese & Wine Parties.

This is a grave responsibility that I shoulder with some trepidation. There are supplies to be hauled in, a stache to unearth and navigation to perfect, to ensure that I am in the right place at the right time. No sense in hosting a party if you are in a different valley!

I have had to think hard about this route. Phil & I have both had a bit of a rum year so far and we both felt the need for a more contemplative walk for the first half of the Challenge and then to rejoin the herd for more of a lively second half. With this now being a solo walk I had to think if this was still the walk I wanted.

Of course, the answer is a resounding 'yes' as I will need a little space and time to myself, which means that I shall continue with our planned route.

So the Cheese & Wine Parties are still 'on'.


  1. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Will it be cheese & whisky rather than cheese & wine?

  2. The whisky is for 'afters'. (Usually a nice peaty malt).

    The cheese will probably be accompanied by something gorgeous - perhaps a splendid Gigondas or a big Bordeaux job. The Cheese will be nicely matured in my Exos for a couple of days from the cheese shop in Cambridge. Something splendid like a Lincolnshhire Poacher.

  3. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make either soiree, Alan, but your second one is being held on the day my daughter graduates medical school. Perhaps you’ll hoist one for her.

    And we’ll hoist one for you, along with one for those who are on the Challenge, and one more for those who would like to be.

    Very, very best.

  4. I'll be there in spirit though - Banquo like - so set an extra place!

    Have a good one, captain, I'll be drinking from afar.

    Toodle pip

    Lord E.

  5. Alan, I passed by this Coire Lair place yesterday and noted an excellent site for a Pied-à-terre, only some 40 paces from a well preserved SSI (Site of Strategic Importance). You have chosen well - have a great party!


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