Saturday, 3 April 2010

Peebles to Moffat: Day 1: Lunchtime

03042010176 The Pieman & Hump3

The Bridge Inn, Peebles.

Currently sitting with real ales (!) in the pub with the Chally's Best Dressed Man, HUMPH3. It's warm and they have chairs in here & Chelsea are about to lose to Man U. I think we might have some food. The clan is all assembled now for the first phase: Big Tony, Little Mike, Lord Elpus and a hanger-on (me).

This walking lark. It's tough.


  1. Wish I was there with you! Good luck with the walking bit - obviously no encouragement needed for the pub bit! Cheers!

    (word 'pantio' - you couldn't make it up!)

  2. Laura: Wotcha - Get that training in properly now. You have the Fife Arms, Stan & Bill's and Tarfside to train for now.
    "pantio" eh?

  3. The barmaid appears to be somewhat altitudinally challenged, or are your mates especially tall?

  4. Des: These men are the GIANTS of the outdoor world. That girl was a good six feet tall. It's true, I tell you!


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