28 May 2011

TGO CHALLENGE 2011: DAY 0: The Journey Up

Andrew said farewell to Lucy, hoisted his pack and headed off for his two week trip to London’s seamier attractions.
Quite why he needed to take his Whillan’s box-tent along was never satisfactorily explained to the rest of the party.
Phil, leading by example, reiterated the importance of being properly hydrated.
Then we slept all the way to Inverness, where we marched about with the box for the photographer for the local newspaper, to get a little pre-publicity for the “Wake for the Wild” . Then it was off on another train to Strathcarron, to complete the important business of hydration until the small hours. It was grim outside so I pinched some floor space from Andy’s room as he was still table dancing somewhere down south in London.


  1. That's not me 'n that picture guv.
    At's a geezer wot looks like me init.
    I wos dan the Crowbar 'n Lockpick wiv Shorty and Lofty an sum uvver geezers wan I.
    Got witnesses I av an all me old china.
    Straight up honest, un I'll sort any fella wot says uverwise, an no messin. Right!

  2. Blimey! Who was the geezer in the bed at Strathcarron then?

  3. Hydration - it's sooo vital to the finely tuned athlete, and beer contains water, minerals, vitamins and essential trace elements essential to good health.

    Water only contains ... water.


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