19 February 2020

TGO Challenge 2018: Ardnamurchan Point to Kinnaber Links: Index

Here's a handy index to sift out the TGO Challenge posts from the rest of the blog. It pulls together all the posts for our 2018 TGO Challenge, from team selection, through thinking about the bones of the route to the route itself and our route sheet. And, of course, my take on our walk.

You can click on each post - they're in chronological order - and the corresponding blog post will open in a new window.



Mad'n'Bad has also written up our walk and his take can be found by clicking HERE. Andy's doesn't have an index, so at the end of each of his posts you need to click on 'Newer Post' at the very bottom of the page, beneath the comments to go to the next episode. Do read it; it helps his with healing process.


It's taken me quite a while to get all 2018's posts put together and it's been fun. I hope you enjoy it as well.

If you're thinking of applying for the TGO Challenge for the first time and you have any questions you'd like to ask please feel free to get in touch. You can get hold of me by using the Contact Form at the bottom of this blog's right hand column. I'm always glad to help.

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